With possibly the biggest selection of prom dresses in the region, we’ve built a great reputation as a must-visit destination for prom queens from all over South Yorkshire and surrounding areas – we’ve even helped girls from as far away as Manchester, Harrogate and Nottingham!

We run a very strict prom register which means we won’t sell the same dress to anyone else from your school, we won’t even sell it in a different colour and we won’t tell anyone else from your school which dress you have chosen. Our lips are sealed! This does mean that it’s best to visit us as soon as you can to choose your dream dress before someone else from your school picks it!

Prom season for us starts in September, when our new collections start arriving for the upcoming year. We are typically very busy through October and November with girls taking the opportunity to put their dream dress on their Christmas list!

We usually have around 300 prom dresses in store in sizes 0 to 30, with every colour, shape and style you can imagine. Our prices range from around £125 up to £750, but we always make sure at least half of the gowns in store are under £350. We also offer payment plans with deposits from as little as £25.We have an alterations service, too, to help make sure that your perfect dress fits like a dream - however this service is only available until the end of February in each prom year.


We’ve helped thousands of girls over the years to find their dream dress; we work hard to make sure every one of our prom girls looks and feels amazing for their special day. From the most confident girl in the world to the shyest wallflower, from girls who’ve dreamt of their prom dress for years to the one who feels more comfortable in her rugby kit, we’ve seen it all. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment and let our wonderful team help you find your inner prom queen!